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vehicle air conditioning repair

If you have a problem with vehicle's air conditioning or heating system, you have come to the right place.  Car air conditioning maintenance is important for comfort on the road. Driving in the sweltering Ohio heat or brutal winters is miserable if the air conditioner or heater is not working properly. At Thorpe Garage in Johnstown, Ohio, ASE certified technicians have air conditioning repair experience for all types of vehicles and models.

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Difficult to Diagnose

Most cars do not have an indicator light that indicates a problem with the air conditioning system.  Let Thorpe Garage diagnose and repair all of your vehicles air conditioning and heating problems.

Unpleasant smell while air conditioning is on

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Signs your Vehicle Air Conditioner is Broken

  • High cabin temperature

  • Loud noise from the AC compressor

  • Moisture leak

  • Compressor clutch stiff or not moving

  • Tripping circuit breaker

  • Broken Suction Lines

Johnstown Ohio Vehicle Air Conditioner Repair

Bring your vehicle into our Johnstown, Ohio auto repair shop at the first sign of a problem and we will have the issue fixed quickly. Don’t get caught in the heat with no air conditioning! Ignoring a problem with your air conditioning now can cause more damage than necessary with higher costs in the long run. Thorpe Tire & Service will conduct a visual inspection on your vehicle's  belts and hoses, refrigerant, compressor, fan, and look for leaks. 


Schedule a Air Conditioner Service

Thorpe Tire & Service has availability for your next vehicle's AC service on their schedule right now!

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