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Vehicle alignments

 As the name suggests, wheel alignment has little to do with the wheels, but more to do with the car's suspension. Wheels are attached to the suspension so that the suspension can move up and down, absorbing the impact of the road surface and improving the riding comfort. However, these components can bend and change for a variety of reasons. When this change occurs, one or more wheels will not move linearly and the other will have a significant impact on many parts. 

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Why Car Alignments are Important

What happens when my car is out of Alignment?

When your vehicle is out of alignment, there are multiple ways that it can damage your car. The most noticeable issue is the lack of handling. The steering wheel make need to be slightly turned in order to drive in a straight  path. that  If the wheels are not perfectly straight, the car's ability to turn in any direction will also be greatly limited. The tires will have a shortened lifespan, leading to more frequent tire changes. This means that the cost of owning a car increases significantly as the tires need to be replaced on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for misalignment to cause slippery spots and additional friction on the misaligned tires.

What Causes Poor Alignment

Many different things can cause your car's wheels to be misaligned. First, and perhaps most commonly, a sudden jolt or violent impact can cause the component to bend or slip out of place. Hitting potholes, hitting curbs, and even minor accidents are common causes of misalignment of one or more wheels.


Thorpe Garage Vehicle Alignments

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Johnstown Ohio Vehicle Alignment

Thorpe Tire & Service is Johnstown Ohio's highest-rated automotive repair center. We can ensure your vehicle will stay in perfect alignment and provide you the excellent customer service to make you a returning customer. Thorpe Garage has been repairing front and rear-end tire alignments on all types of vehicles and trailers five years in Johnstown, OH.  If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road when you let go of the steering wheel, then there is a good chance that you need your alignment fixed. Our technicians are fully certified to repair any vehicle that is out of alignment.


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